Celebrating NAIDOC Week every July is very important to us at C3 Childcare. We feel fortunate to be a multicultural childcare centre in a multicultural country and throughout the year, we are privileged to learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, the oldest on Earth. NAIDOC Week is a special time to honour and reflect on their deep and enduring connection to the land, timeless traditions, customs and wisdom, while sowing seeds of hope and future healing.

What is the importance of celebrating NAIDOC week in an Early Education setting?

Children come into this world with a natural curiosity, eagerness to explore and readiness to soak up information. Encouraging children to respect, appreciate and value indigenous culture and traditions by passing down information we have access to is a great way to keep these cultures alive, remember Australia’s past and promote a harmonious society. 

At C3 Childcare, NAIDOC Week is a core focus of our curriculum during this month. From a purely developmental perspective, the children themselves benefit greatly from increased First Nations awareness. By listening to broader perspectives and exploring new attitudes, foods, languages, and ways of life, they gain empathy, creativity, linguistic skills, and a deep understanding that textbooks alone cannot provide.

How do we keep the spirit of NAIDOC Week alive throughout the year?

There are many ways that our educators passionately integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into our daily routine, guided by the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework. These include:

1. Acknowledgement of Country

Every day at the centre we make a conscious effort to acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians of the land. Each day begins with a Welcome to Country, recognising the Gadigal and Eora people, as well as the Wongal people on whose land our Croydon centre is located. 

2. Learning Culture Through Play

Through activities, songs, and stories, we aim to nurture a generation that not only honours the rich heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, but that also grows to personally love and value it. The children sing First Nations songs, explore indigenous art and make paintings, and have books read to them written by Indigenous Australian children’s authors.

3. Using First Nations Language

Firstly, we teach children about the diverse First Nations countries across the Australian landmass, reiterating that Australia is home to many distinct nations with their own languages and cultures.

We especially explore the languages and stories of the Wiradjuri people, who are the largest Aboriginal Australian group across Central NSW. This is because thanks to resources like the Wiradjuri Dictionary – co-compiled by First Nations journalist Stan Grant, this beautiful language has been preserved for future generations.

We incorporate the Wiradjuri language into our daily activities, expanding the children’s vocabulary and cultural understanding. When our educators teach the children about native animals, they also use their names in Aboriginal languages. One of our more recent initiatives is renaming all rooms in our childcare centre to reflect Aboriginal names, moving away from generic names like Koala and Kangaroo. 

4. Connecting to the Land

Sharon, our director, ensures a variety of outdoor and hands-on activities during NAIDOC Week celebrations. These include traditional practices like cooking over an open fire, and teaching the children about the native earth foods and bush tucker around us. 

The children are encouraged to notice and explore local flora and fauna throughout the year, learning about their significance in Aboriginal culture. This hands-on approach helps them appreciate the natural world and its importance to First Nations peoples.

We’re grateful for the resources we have to help children at C3 Childcare engage with and learn from the oldest cultures on Earth. We sincerely hope that through learning, language, and play, celebrating NAIDOC Week fosters respect, understanding, and a deeper connection to the land they live on.

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