Music and development are intrinsically linked – in fact, music is one of the few activities that light up BOTH the logical and creative sides of the brain. It’s no wonder that, despite our varied personalities and interests, a good tune can speak to anyone. Whether we’re singing, listening to the radio, playing an instrument or dancing to a song, music is something we’re instinctively drawn to. Today, we’re aware that it’s also a powerful tool for building important brain connections.

We also know that a great time to support neural development is in a child’s early years. An exciting, growing body of research is showing us that incorporating musical activities into early childhood lessons positively influences children’s cognitive development – so that’s just what we’re doing at C3 Childcare Group

We make learning seriously fun!

 Our Resident Music Specialist from the Conservatorium of Music brings over 20 years of teaching Early Childhood Music to our centre and implements a fun and structured music program.  The children play instruments, learn to clap to crotchets and minims, whilst our educators integrate singing, music and movement into everyday activities, allowing each child to experience the benefits of music. We even ensure that classical scores such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven are playing in the background while they sleep.

What developmental areas can music support?


A recent study with a large cohort of Australian school-age children revealed that early and frequent participation in musical activities with parents led to better social orientation. Similarly, Gerry et al. (2012) found that infants whose parents engaged in active musical interactions showed significantly more prelinguistic gestures and better communication abilities six months later compared to their less-engaged peers. The relationship-building powers of music making in a group or with mentors are definite benefits. 


In the same study, babies exposed to music also smiled more frequently and were easier to soothe. For babies with sensory sensitivities who are especially prone to overstimulation and anxiety, music has been proven to have a calming effect, increasing their engagement with others and their environment. We love these wellbeing boosting benefits, as they mean our Educators can better cater to diverse developmental and emotional needs among children.

Motor (physical) skills

Another 2024 study by Louisiana State University has determined that musical instruction for 3-4 year olds significantly improves their spatial capabilities. Alongside neural stimulation – music is very much a physical activity. Fine motor skills are needed to hold whistles or drumsticks, deep breathing is necessary for singing and dancing supports muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, coordination and balance. These insights are in harmony with the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards, which advocate for incorporating interactive music and movement into early childhood programs to boost motor skills. 


Our music program encourages children to explore and express themselves creatively by making music in a supportive environment. When kids, for example, bang on a drum and discover they can create their own rhythm, it empowers them. Meanwhile, younger children who aren’t yet part of the program are encouraged to watch and listen, helping them develop positive associations with music.

The takeaway:

These findings collectively highlight the transformative power of music in early childhood education to support learning, personal growth, social skills and emotional wellbeing. 

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